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Welcome to Ada Highlander Photography!

Welcome to my world of photography. I hope everyone will find an area that interests them.  Simply start with the Portfolio menu option above to go to your area of interest. Here is a brief description of what you'll find. 


I love the majesty of a great landscape photo. I have organized my website by landscapes within our great state of Michigan and then beyond our state's boundaries.  

Birds, Butterflies, & Flowers

Another area I love is nature shots - especially Birds, Butterflies, and Flowers.  

Bubbles, Watercolors, & Notecards

A specialty area is Bubbles, Watercolors, & Notecards: Frozen soap bubbles, some of my favorite photos which have been converted to watercolor looking photos, and blank notecards where you can write your own messages to your family and friends. 


Looking for a great Family or Senior portrait?  Head over to my Portraits page for information on making some great memories! 

Photo of the Week

Every week, I post a new Photo of the Week to this gallery and write a blog article about it.  Sign up to be notified of any new blog articles from AHP and receive a 20% your first purchase from my Etsy store.  You can unsubscribe any time you like. 

Any Questions

If you have any questions or would like a quote on a custom size/medium print, feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to help you!

Latest Blog Posts

2019 POTW – 29

2019 Photo of the Week – 29 Yellow Pine Cones I don’t really know if these are yellow pine cones or not but I couldn’t think of a better title/description. I saw these on some pine trees two summers ago while up at Birch Point in the U.P. It’s always

2019 POTW – 28

2019 Photo of the Week – 28 Peace over Superior Summer time always brings the desire to head back home to the U.P.  This year is no different. We are blessed to be able to rent a small cottage on this little bay near Brimley MI.  My wife grew up

2019 POTW – 27

2019 Photo of the Week – 27 Stargazer Lilies One of the flowers I love to see in the summer are the Stargazer Lilies. We have a sea of orange Lilies in our front garden bed. I took this photo shortly after some rain and the sun had just started