2019 Photo of the Week – 04

Snow Crystals at Dawn

The temperatures are really dipping here in Grand Rapids in late January.  A polar vortex is headed this way.  This morning, it was 1 degree at home and I decided to go outside (brrrrr) and see what opportunities might present themselves.  When I came around the corner of the east end of our house, I was looking into the early morning sunrise.  The snow from the night before was on this branch of the tree.  I took this shot with a 100mm macro lens so I could focus pretty closely to the branch and you can see all the crystals making up the snow. The sun and the background is nicely out of focus drawing your eye to the snow crystals. I hope you enjoy my 2019 Photo of the Week – Week 4.   


You can follow all my Photos of the Week this year from this page on my website.  

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