2019 Photo of the Week – 05

“Ferns” in Bubbles

Well, it’s time for true confessions.  I wish I could say this photo was taken during the polar vortex last week but it wasn’t.  It was taken a year ago during a deep freeze we had.  I just didn’t get a chance this week to get out and do much photography with the weather and other things going on here.  But I thought it was appropriate if I had to dip into my archives to pull a frozen bubble picture.  These bubbles would start to freeze within seconds and you could watch the crystalline features grow before your eyes.  This reminds me of ferns in the woods in the summer.  Hence this week’s title.  I hope you enjoy my 2019 Photo of the Week – Week 5.   

You can follow all my Photos of the Week this year from this page on my website.  

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