2019 Photo of the Week – 08

Cedar Waxwing at Meijer Gardens

We had clear blue skies yesterday and temps were near 40 degrees.  We decided to get outside and walk a bit so we went to Meijer Gardens which is a favorite place of ours.  The Cardinals were abundant in the children’s area. I got a couple nice shots but they did not make this week’s Photo of the Week.  We walked the perimeter sidewalk and came across a couple fruit trees that were being visited by several Robins. We stopped to look and to my utter amazement and delight, I saw that these fruit trees had several Cedar Waxwings as well!  What a treat to see birds in the wild you don’t normally see around your own house.  I was like a kid in a candy shop shooting these lovely birds.  I never noticed the red tips on their wings. The bright yellow on their tails is also striking.  They didn’t seem all that concerned that I was fairly close.  They were more focused on filling up from the fruit tree. I hope you enjoy my 2019 Photo of the Week – Week 8.   

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