2019 Photo of the Week – 21

Scarlet Tanager

There was little doubt about what the subject would be of this week’s Photo of the Week. I saw a Scarlet Tanager off in the woods at our home about a week or so ago.  He was too far away to get a decent photo.  I’d forgotten about them when three days ago, not just one but two males came to my feeder pole! I was so excited!

I have lots of fresh oranges out on branches mounted to my feeder pole. I did it originally for the Orioles. Little did I know how many other birds would be attracted to them. The Scarlet Tanager is one that is.  They are going through oranges quickly – sometimes an entire orange in one day!

To top it off, this morning I had three males here at the same time and then a female Tanager showed up as well!  I couldn’t believe it.  I have yet to get a photo of the three males together or the female at all but I’m still hopeful that I’ll get one.  

This week’s photo has the brightest of the three males I have visiting sitting nicely on this branch waiting to jump to the oranges. He is such a beautiful red. Much different than the Northern Cardinal. I hope you enjoy my 2019 Photo of the Week – Week 21.   

You can follow all my Photos of the Week this year from this page on my website.  

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