2019 Photo of the Week – 23

Pileated Woodpecker

Somehow this past weekend got away from me so I’m late with my Photo of the Week. Well better late than never as they say. This week I wanted to share this photo I got of a fairly young Pileated Woodpecker that was coming in to land on my suet feeder.  I’d read about how to capture birds with very fast shutter speeds to freeze their wings from a photographer named Scott Prince. I decided to give it a try.  This image was shot at 1/4000 of second shutter speed.  Yes, that is 1/4000!  The aperture was f4.0 and ISO 4000 to complete the details. Fun stuff.  Now if only I can catch a hummingbird like this!  I hope you enjoy my 2019 Photo of the Week – Week 23.   

You can follow all my Photos of the Week this year from this page on my website.  

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