2019 Photo of the Week – 04 Snow Crystals at Dawn The temperatures are really dipping here in Grand Rapids in late January.  A polar vortex is headed this way.  This morning, it was 1 degree at home and I decided to go outside (brrrrr) and see what opportunities mightRead More →

2019 Photo of the Week – 03 The “Blues” in January So one of my favorite birds is the Eastern Bluebird. The blues of this bird are amazing!  Unfortunately for me, we seldom see them at our house.  One theory is we live in too wooded an area.  When weRead More →

2019 Photo of the Week – 02 January Chickadee I’ve been a little surprised this winter at the lack of birds I’ve been seeing.  I’m not sure if it’s because the winter has been so mild or what the reason might be but I’ve definitely noticed a lack of birdsRead More →

2019 Photo of the Week – 01 Foggy January Sunrise This morning was quite a foggy morning here in Grand Rapids.  This winter has been unusually mild to date.  In fact, we have no snow on the ground and it was in the mid 40’s both yesterday and today.  AfterRead More →