2019 Photo of the Week – 08 Cedar Waxwing at Meijer Gardens We had clear blue skies yesterday and temps were near 40 degrees.  We decided to get outside and walk a bit so we went to Meijer Gardens which is a favorite place of ours.  The Cardinals were abundantRead More →

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I use a Photoshop plugin from Profactions called Portfolium which takes a photo and applies a nice watercolor effect.  Some photos turn out very nice with the effect and others not so much. Here’s an example of a photo from Swift Current Lake in Glacier National Park.  I loved the lookRead More →

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Don’t miss out on your chance to get your favorite AHP Bird print and save 20% through the end of February!  These prints make great additions to your home decor or gifts for your friends and family.  You can choose from 3 standard sizes:  5×7, 8×10, or 11×14.  If youRead More →

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2019 Photo of the Week – 07 Iced Trees We had an ice storm last week that took out our power for about 30 hours.  Thousands of people in the Grand Rapids area were without power – some for less time than us and some for more.  Losing power isRead More →

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2019 Photo of the Week – 06 Lensball No. 1 This winter has so far seen a little bit of everything weather-wise. From mild temps and little snow to a polar vortex with sub-zero temps and several inches of snow. Then we bounced back to warm temps and rain. ThisRead More →

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2019 Photo of the Week – 05 “Ferns” in Bubbles Well, it’s time for true confessions.  I wish I could say this photo was taken during the polar vortex last week but it wasn’t.  It was taken a year ago during a deep freeze we had.  I just didn’t getRead More →

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