Notecards Available on Etsy Did you know I have my Notecards available on my Etsy store?  I have 5 preprinted sets to choose from.   They include:  Backyard Birds Michigan Lighthouses Set 1 Michigan Lighthouses Set 2 Michigan Landscapes Flowers Each notecard has a beautiful print on the front cover.  The inside pages as well as the back page are blank so you can make these into any type card you like.  Each card is 5.5″ x 4.25″ and includes a plain white mailing envelope. Each pack contains 5 different cover prints. All of these sets can be seen and ordered from the Notecards categoryRead More →

New Close-Up Flowers Available! I have many new Close-Up flowers to choose from and a new layout you can choose.  I still have the 1 x 3 images but I’ve added a 2 x 2 edition shown below. Customize Your Own Prints!  And here’s another exciting new option – customized prints!  Pick any of your favorite flowers and request a custom order.  I’ll put those together and create a new listing on my Etsy store where you can order your own custom design!  To see all the flowers you can choose from, go to the Closeup Flowers gallery.   Have fun creating your own customRead More →

New Walk in the Woods Gallery I am pleased to announce a new gallery I just added to my website and Etsy store.  It’s called “Walk in the Woods” and it has some of my favorites shots of pathways through the woods. Here’s what is included in this initial release of the gallery.  Walk in the Woods I was taken in Alaska near Mendenhall Glacier. Walk in the Woods II was taken in Glacier National Park. Walk in the Woods III was taken in Sleeping Bear Dunes. Walk in the Woods IV was taken at the Point Iroquois Lighthouse. Walk in the Woods V wasRead More →

Those following this blog know I have been doing some macro/close-up shots of various flowers using only natural light against a black background.  I posted to my Instagram account today my newest flower close-up of a Tulip.  I liked it a lot and thought the highlights and shadows created quite a dramatic view.  If you missed it on Instagram, here it is.  Then I decided to try the same flower against a white background.  I posted that shot to Instagram as well but in case you missed it, here it is.  So my simple question is this:  Which do you like better?  Vote below.  [yop_poll id=”1″]  Read More →

Are  you looking for some creative ideas on how you can use some great photos from AHP in your home or office?  I thought I’d share a few that we have done in our home to get your creative juices flowing! They’re called Clusters and Splits. Clusters The first idea is group several photos together in one spot on your wall.  Large prints work really well for this.  Here’s an example from our home.    I printed three of my photos from a trip we took around the north shore of Lake Superior and clustered them together on the wall.  The two smaller prints areRead More →

New Gallery of Close-up Flowers I am happy to announce a new gallery of Close-up Flower prints available for purchase through my Etsy store.  I have been trying different flowers as I can find them to use in this close-up/macro photography style.  They’re done in all-natural light, i.e. no flash or artificial light added.  They usually involve a technique called photo stacking which is where you take a photo with a specific part of the flower in focus.  Then you re-focus on a different part of the flower and take that photo.  You keep moving to a different part of the photo until you haveRead More →

I recently watched a training class on on how to do macro/close-up photos of flowers using a DIY black box and only natural light.  I was intrigued and decided to give it a whirl.  I went to the dollar store and Hobby Lobby to pick up what a I needed for the black box.  It was pretty inexpensive – only around $20 for materials.  Here is my first photo.   This is a Gerbera Daisy.  I loved how the natural highlights and shadows were emphasized in this technique.  I did some highlight adjustments in Photoshop to be pleasing – at least to my eye.Read More →

I know the weather doesn’t really make you feel like getting your family or senior portraits done, but this cold spring weather can’t last forever right?  The weather will warm up and then it will be a great time to think about updating that family portrait or getting your senior pictures done for the class of 2019.  There are so many nice outdoor locations in the Grand Rapids area.  I’m pretty flexible on location.  Have a favorite spot of your own?  Let’s talk about it and see what we can do.   Family portraits are only $300 and Senior portraits are only $150.  You canRead More →

Migrating Birds Returning Soon In just over a month, we should start to see the return of some of my favorite summertime backyard birds.  All of these returned last year in the first week of May.  The first to arrive was the Rose-breasted Grosbeak.  Here is a photo of Mr. and Mrs. Grosbeak.  These beautiful birds migrate north in the summer for breeding.  You can read about them in depth on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website.     The second stunning bird to arrive last spring was this handsome fellow – the Baltimore Oriole.  The Orioles are at least initially attracted by grape jellyRead More →

Are you an Instagram fan?  So am I!  Did you know you can follow Ada Highlander Photography on Instagram? Below you’ll see just a few of the photos from my Instagram feed.  You can click the button below the photos to follow me on Instagram.  You’ll even see a few photos over there you don’t see here.  Read More →