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So as I looked back to see how long ago this communication problem started, I was sad to discover it happened way back in February when I rolled out my new website.  So I decided I’d put this blog post together that summarizes the highlights of what you’ve missed and give you a link to those articles so you can pick and choose which you’d like read.  

February Posts

  • New Website announced.  Maybe a little late now but here’s a link to that blog.  Please let me know what you think of it. 
  • AHP Etsy Store announcement.  This is where you can go to purchase prints of your favorite AHP photos you see on the website.  Here’s the link.

March Posts 

  • Custom orders from my Etsy store.  I wrote a blog about how you can request a custom order from AHP.  Here’s the link
  • Photo Post Processing.  I wrote a blog about photos straight out of the camera vs after post processing/editing.  People generally have pretty strong feelings about it one way or the other.  Here’s a link
  • AHP on Instagram.  This is an article about my Instagram account.  I post many pictures on Instagram that are not on my website.  Here’s a link.

 April Posts

  • I discovered a technique for doing macro/close-up photographs of flowers so I wrote about it.  Here’s a link. I followed it up in June with another article here

May Posts

  • I announced in May that my blank Notecards were now available through my Etsy Store.  Here’s a link
  • I wrote an article about custom photos known as clusters and splits.  Clusters are groups of different photos while splits take one phone and break it into multiple photo components. Here’s a link
  • I announced a new gallery called “Walk in the Woods” which I was pretty excited about.   Here’s a link.  

June Posts

  • In June, I wrote about doing my own prints instead of outsourcing them to a print lab.  Here’s a link

July Posts

  • I wrote about vacation to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and including some of my favorite photos.  Here’s a link
  • For Facebook users, I wrote an article on how to prioritize AHP in your newsfeed so you’re sure to see all the latest posts from AHP.  Here’s a link

August Posts to date

  • At the beginning of the month, I wrote an article announcing a week long sale on my Watercolor Gallery prints.  This goes until August 8th.  Here’s a link.
  • I also wrote about how to navigate my Etsy Store and purchase your favorite AHP photos.  Here’s a link to that article.

And those are the highlights since my communications list broke down.  As you can see, I have written about many things some of which I didn’t even include in this list.  I was beginning to wonder why I hadn’t had more comments on posts or interaction in general.  Well I discovered why.  You didn’t know about any of this stuff!   

Hope this helps bring up to speed on what I’ve been up to.  Stay in touch on your end.  If you’re looking for something specific you don’t see here, just drop me a comment.  

Thanks for your support of AHP!   



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