2019 Photo of the Week – 29 Yellow Pine Cones I don’t really know if these are yellow pine cones or not but I couldn’t think of a better title/description. I saw these on some pine trees two summers ago while up at Birch Point in the U.P. It’s alwaysRead More →

2019 Photo of the Week – 28 Peace over Superior Summer time always brings the desire to head back home to the U.P.  This year is no different. We are blessed to be able to rent a small cottage on this little bay near Brimley MI.  My wife grew upRead More →

2019 Photo of the Week – 27 Stargazer Lilies One of the flowers I love to see in the summer are the Stargazer Lilies. We have a sea of orange Lilies in our front garden bed. I took this photo shortly after some rain and the sun had just startedRead More →

2019 Photo of the Week – 26 Foxglove in the U.P. The Foxglove in the U.P. of Michigan in the summer is amazing! I love how delicate these flowers are.  This was taken last summer when we were at Birch Point for a family vacation.  We’ll be going back upRead More →

2019 Photo of the Week – 25 Pileated Woodpecker II These Pileated Woodpeckers love suet! They frequently visit my suet feeder which allows me to get shots like this. This male displays his wings in full glory as he comes in to land on the feeder. I hope you enjoyRead More →

2019 Photo of the Week – 24 Peony Bud Our red Peonies are just starting to open.  We don’t get a lot of sun here at our house but we get enough for these Peonies to do well.  Our white Peonies are well ahead of the red bushes.  This budRead More →

2019 Photo of the Week – 23 Pileated Woodpecker Somehow this past weekend got away from me so I’m late with my Photo of the Week. Well better late than never as they say. This week I wanted to share this photo I got of a fairly young Pileated WoodpeckerRead More →

2019 Photo of the Week – 22 Silver Falls, Oregon This week’s Photo of the Week is from a Photo Workshop I attended a while back out in Oregon. Unfortunately, It was pretty dreary most of the time we were out shooting.  But even the rainy, foggy, dreary sky can’tRead More →

2019 Photo of the Week – 21 Scarlet Tanager There was little doubt about what the subject would be of this week’s Photo of the Week. I saw a Scarlet Tanager off in the woods at our home about a week or so ago.  He was too far away toRead More →