2019 Photo of the Week – 11 Springtime Spring comes this week! I thought it would never get here.  We still have some snow on the ground but the weather forecast says we’re headed to warmer temperatures. This will be all gone soon.  Then starts the spring clean up.  WeRead More →

2019 Photo of the Week – 10 Butterfly Food So I went back to Meijer Gardens to see if I could capture a nice picture of the Emerald Swallowtail I saw last week.  I didn’t get a great shot of it so I was really hoping to get another opportunity.  It’s theRead More →

2019 Photo of the Week – 09 Spring is Almost Here! We went to Meijer Gardens yesterday to see this year’s opening day of the Butterflies exhibit with one of our grandsons. I fully expected this week’s photo to be a butterfly photo but I really didn’t capture anything IRead More →

2019 Photo of the Week – 08 Cedar Waxwing at Meijer Gardens We had clear blue skies yesterday and temps were near 40 degrees.  We decided to get outside and walk a bit so we went to Meijer Gardens which is a favorite place of ours.  The Cardinals were abundantRead More →

2019 Photo of the Week – 07 Iced Trees We had an ice storm last week that took out our power for about 30 hours.  Thousands of people in the Grand Rapids area were without power – some for less time than us and some for more.  Losing power isRead More →

2019 Photo of the Week – 06 Lensball No. 1 This winter has so far seen a little bit of everything weather-wise. From mild temps and little snow to a polar vortex with sub-zero temps and several inches of snow. Then we bounced back to warm temps and rain. ThisRead More →

2019 Photo of the Week – 05 “Ferns” in Bubbles Well, it’s time for true confessions.  I wish I could say this photo was taken during the polar vortex last week but it wasn’t.  It was taken a year ago during a deep freeze we had.  I just didn’t getRead More →

2019 Photo of the Week – 04 Snow Crystals at Dawn The temperatures are really dipping here in Grand Rapids in late January.  A polar vortex is headed this way.  This morning, it was 1 degree at home and I decided to go outside (brrrrr) and see what opportunities mightRead More →

2019 Photo of the Week – 03 The “Blues” in January So one of my favorite birds is the Eastern Bluebird. The blues of this bird are amazing!  Unfortunately for me, we seldom see them at our house.  One theory is we live in too wooded an area.  When weRead More →