New Gallery of Close-up Flowers

I am happy to announce a new gallery of Close-up Flower prints available for purchase through my Etsy store.  I have been trying different flowers as I can find them to use in this close-up/macro photography style.  They’re done in all-natural light, i.e. no flash or artificial light added.  They usually involve a technique called photo stacking which is where you take a photo with a specific part of the flower in focus.  Then you re-focus on a different part of the flower and take that photo.  You keep moving to a different part of the photo until you have enough to put together a fully in focus shot.  You must take these on a tripod so there is no movement.  You finally load all the photos together into Photoshop and it does the hard work of stitching the photos together pulling the in-focus parts of the appropriate photo and stacking into one complete shot.  

Here’s an example of one of the photos from this new gallery.

You can follow the links from this new gallery to my Etsy store where you can order any of the 3 new prints in these standard sizes: 

  • 5 x 7 for $15
  • 8 x 10 for $20
  • 11 x 14 for $30

If you’re interested in a custom size or print media (e.g. canvas wrap, metal, acrylic, etc), you can click the “Request a Custom Order” button and go from there.  

I’d love to hear what you think of this new gallery.  Leave a comment on this post and as always, thanks for your support of Ada Highlander Photography! 


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