How to Prioritize AHP in Your Facebook Newsfeed

Did you know you can prioritize the Facebook feeds you want to be sure to see?  Facebook has a Preferences feature on the Newsfeed menu on the left side of your Facebook page. 

If you click on the ellipsis next to News Feed, you will see the menu popup below.  Click on “Edit Preferences”. This is where you’ll be able to customize several things including your Newsfeed priorities. 

Once you select “Edit Preferences”, you’ll see this popup menu. 

The first menu item is what you want to select – “Prioritize who to see first”.  This will bring up a list of all your friends and you can pick the top 30 you want to be sure to see at the top of your newsfeed.  When you pick AHP as shown below, it will have a blue star on it. Click Done and close the Preferences box with the X. 

And now you’ll be sure to see all the latest posts from Ada Highlander Photography!     

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