Well after announcing I thought it was time to put Ada Highlander Photography in mothballs, I received so many thoughtful comments saying how much they’ve enjoyed my photographs, that it got me excited about keeping it going. So I’m “un-announcing” my shutdown and will be working over the next several weeks to give AHP some new life! So if you happen to be a fan of AHP and come to the website and get a notice about it being temporarily unavailable or in maintenance mode, you’ll know I’m still working on the facelift. I’m going to be shifting directions a bit in terms of sales and other things. I can’t really divulge much more right now as I’m still redesigning in my head. (Scary thought!) I will be back in touch when I’m ready to launch AHP 2.0.

For all those who were so kind with their positive comments, I thank you! You have given me the motivation to take AHP to the next chapter in its story.  



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