This has been a summer of seeing Warblers.  I’ve seen four different breeds that I could identify this summer.  Those were the Black and White Warbler. 

I only saw him once and I thought it was a Nuthatch at first.  I was fortunate to grab this quick photo before he disappeared.  Another visitor this year was the Nashville Warbler. 


I first saw this cute little guy in early May and then didn’t see or notice him at least until just last week.  Maybe he’s migrating south.  But I didn’t just have one of them – I had at least 3 or 4 and they were spending a lot of time in our impatiens flower boxes.  They didn’t go to my feeders at all.  

But the most exciting day was probably the day I had 2 different Black Throated Warblers on the same day!  The first was this Black Throated Green Warbler. 


Why he’s not a Black Throated Yellow Warbler I don’t know but he sure is a cute little guy.  And I only saw him once too.  But the excitement started shortly after I saw this one that I had a return visitor: the Black Throated Blue Warbler.  I saw him once last year and then again this week.  But in the commotion of the birds at the feeder, he got scared off and flew into my office window.  He fell to the ground. So I got my shoes on and went out to see if he was still alive.  I’ve helped birds before regain their senses after they try to knock themselves out hitting my window.  If he didn’t injure himself, given a little time and protection, he could fly off.  

Just as I got outside to the steps on my deck, I see a chipmunk dragging the stunned warbler into the flower bed!  I quickly ran down the steps and scared the chipmunk off.  Since when do chipmunks eat birds?  Anyway, the warbler was still alive and didn’t appear to be injured other than being knocked a bit senseless. I picked him up and brought him up on the deck and set him on the railing.  I snapped this picture with my iPhone. 

He could barely hold his head up but his neck was not broken.  His wings were also intact.  So I let him sit there on the railing for about 15 minutes.  He perked up but didn’t fly off when I went out to check on him.  I was able to gently touch him. He was much more alert and moving his head around.  I softly nudged him and he flew off!  My good deed for the birds that day was done.  And the chipmunk’s name is mud!! 


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  1. Thank you for this incredible story, Kent. Chipmunks are now MUD as far as I’m concerned! That poor bird, I’m so glad you rescued him.
    The photos of these birds are excellent and I’ve learned so much in the process about warblers that I didn’t know.
    Thanks again, Kate

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